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Learn inorganic formulation. Use the periodic table to create thousands of chemical compounds.

Chemistry101 revolutionizes the way to study formulation. With this app you will have in your hands the elements of the periodic table so that you can create thousands of chemical compounds.

Chemistry101 provides a new learning experience for both the student and the teacher, transforming the classroom into a laboratory thanks to Augmented Reality.

This app has the following features:
  • Free mode. You will be able to experiment on your own and create compounds intuitively.
  • Learn. It allows you to review the basic theory for the formation of binary and ternary compounds. In addition, you will be able to study and review the valences of the elements whenever you need.
  • Practice Mode. In this fully configurable mode the application puts you through exercises of varying difficulty, so you can study and assimilate the formulation progressively.
  • Exercises Mode. In this mode the teacher or the students can create their own exercises and share them with all the users of the same subscription. This way, the teacher can create competitions in class or propose exercises for students to work at home.
  • Without Augmented Reality Mode. If you do not have a camera or the Augmented Reality Cards you can also use the application. This mode allows you to choose among three different scenarios where you can practice the compounds and enjoy the full application.
Curricular Content
  • This application covers the contents of inorganic chemistry and allows to formulate over 3000 different compounds.
  • Binary Compounds: oxides, hydrides, peroxides, hydrogen acids and binary salts.
  • Ternary Compounds: hydroxides, oxoacids and ternary salts.
  • Chemistry101 also provides a representation of the periodic table for the study of the valences, the basic theory of formulation and over 100 molecular representations of binary elements.
Platforms: tablet Android, iPad, computer or interactive whiteboard

Chemistry101 uses the 1 and 2 Augmented Reality Cards.

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